Trends In Parenting

2021 Parenting Trends

Parenting Trend 1:

In the world of child-rearing, authoritative parenting style is a popular issue.

Authoritative Parenting, a balanced trends in parenting styles, is one of the most popular parenting styles in 2021. It’s the result of a mix of authoritarian and indulgent parents. Authoritative parents have high expectations for their children, but they also offer them resources & emotional support in order for them to achieve.

Parenting Trend #2:

The Internet Is A Valuable Source Of Support To Mothers

For help during and after pregnancy, more moms were turning to the internet. That is why pop-ups are now available for everything. In 2021, there will be some new subscription options for expectant and new parents. Baby food, toy kits, & diaper subscriptions are another big parenting trend in 2021, and it’s not Amazon Prime, Amazon Freetime, or Netflix.

Surprisingly, this behaviour is not confined to first-time mothers. Because millennial parents have become less likely to be living near their families or get acquainted with their neighbours, they rely heavily on “virtual support.”

Parenting Trend #3:

Millennials Look to The Baby Boomer Parents for Support

New parents of all ages encounter financial difficulties, but millennial parents may face additional challenges as a result of their educational debt. As a result, most millennial parents seek financial and emotional help from their baby boomer parents.

According to a recent study, millennial parents receive about $11,000 a year from their Boomer parents. In addition, boomer grandparents offer 14.3 hours of primary childcare & 9.2 hrs of babysitting each week. It’s the new normal for boomer grandparents to assist their millennial grandchildren.

Millennial Parents Are Abandoning Their Religious Affiliations As A Parenting Trend #4:

Millennial parents are also challenging social norms. According to Pew, 39 percent of persons who have been in marriage since 2010 have a partner who holds a different religious view than them, which is more than double the number since 1960. Interracial or cross-cultural marriage is supported by almost nine out of ten millennials. They eventually lost their faith in the process.

Parenting Trend #5: Millennial Parents Are Co-Parenting:

The roles of mothers and fathers are becoming more widely understood, but millennial parents are increasingly taking on the burden of raising a family. A growing number of millennial fathers are stepping back and getting on increased caregiving responsibilities. The number of fathers who stay at home to care for their families is continuously increasing. As a result, in 2016, dads accounted for 17% among all stay-at-home parents, up from 10% in 1989. According to Google’s latest parent research, 59 percent of millennial men seek out videos regarding baby health, and they view more raising children videos on The internet than moms.

Millennial Parents Become Overprotective Parents, According To Parenting Trend #6:

In comparison to previous generations of parents, today’s parents are more protective. A lot of U.S. parents (62 percent) admit to being overprotective at times, and this is especially true among millennial mothers. Millennial moms identify themselves this way nearly seven out of 10 times (68%) compared to 60 percent of Gen X moms and 54 percent of Boomer moms. Kidnappings, child rape, and Bullying are top concerns among millennial mothers. They are becoming more aware of and concerned about the impacts of technology & social media on a child’s safety and mental health, which may lead them to be more careful and watchful.

Parenting Trend #7:
Today’s parents believe in the trend of “smarter parenting, smarter kids.”

Many parents wish to learn effective parenting techniques in order to make their lives easier. One of the most irritating and draining issues many parents experience is getting their children to sleep. As a result, parents are relying on Intelligent Tools to get their children to sleep. Take the Snoo Smart Sleeper, for example. This smart baby sleep system helps newborns sleep longer by relaxing them with the same rumbly sound and gently rocking they enjoyed in the womb.

As more younger mothers work in the fields, they often find it difficult to make ends meet. They must, however, figure out how to do it properly. Millennial parents will need to strike a balance between “Me Time” and “Family Time” as parenting norms shift.