Getting Over The Many Challenges Of IAS Exam: How Parents Help

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The Common Issues IAS Aspirants Face

It is a truth universally acknowledged that the UPSC conducted the exam for civil services is the toughest in the nation. It is for this reason, even before candidates start preparing, they are met with doubts and common issues. Out of the many problems that arise on the path to become an IAS officer, there two most common.

  • Am I intelligent enough to clear the exam?

The common myth around the IAS competitive exam is that only topper and geniuses can crack it. This is a misconception. The lack of confidence in your ability to pass the exam is a hurdle that can be easily crossed. Each year the candidates who clear the three-phase IAS exam are a mix of :

  1.  Students from IIT or IIM
  2.  Students from regional universities
  3.  Toppers of colleges
  4.  Average students
  5.  Engineers
  6.  Simple humanities graduates
  7.  Doctors

It proves that one doesn’t need to be a prodigy to be a civil servant. All it takes is hard work and strategy.

The second obvious hurdle IAS aspirants face is coaching. A lot of students wither away precious weeks deciding if they should self-study or enrol in a UPSC coaching. The answer to it varies from student to student. To find it, try out demo classes of a few IAS coachings. See if they help you understand concepts better or prepare more efficiently. If the answer is yes, then join one. If not, then self-preparation is best. The only condition is here is not to waste days or weeks trying to choose between the two. They would be better spent studying.

The Psychological Challenges Faced By IAS Aspirants

Image That Showing An IAS Aspirant Sitting in a confused state infront of his laptop.We’ve spoken about only two common problems civil services aspirants face, but there are more. Preparation for the IAS exam is multi-sided. Each prong of the path will bring new challenges. Considering that the odds are always stacked against your favour, it can be difficult and harrowing. To pass this route pitted with potholes, an anchor is needed. That anchor comes in two forms. The first is the belief that there is value to your life, and second is parents.

Before choosing to initiate the path to civil services, ensure it is the right career for you. When you are 100% determined, it anchors your mind and will power. So, when bad days come, as they invariably do, you are ready to fight through them. The second method to anchoring yourself is accepting that in case of a failure, you have the option to try again, and if you don’t wish to, then there are other avenues to explore. Here – you can check more about the challenges faced by IAS aspirants.

How Parents Help IAS Aspirants Overcome Challenges

The importance of parenting cannot be emphasised enough. Mothers, fathers, and guardians are indeed the unmovable anchor children need while preparing for the Indian Administrative Services. They play a crucial role in the success of their children. So, the question is, how a parent can help their child overcome the challenges that are part and parcel of IAS exam?

 Image Showing The Concept of Parent’s Role in their child’s education.

  •  Remember that it is the child’s life. It is not your race or your dream. It is the path the student has chosen. Therefore, always be the adult in trying situations and don’t burden your hopes on the child’s shoulders.
  •  When your daughter or son is feeling down, depressed, or not motivated, meet the moment with poise. In such circumstances, don’t coach them. Don talk about other ways they can prepare for the exam or tricks for giving the test. Encourage the child gently. Don’t instruct.

Don’t be the parent who continuously says ‘you have to win,’ or ‘you have to pass this time.’ Be the parent who offers reassurance like ‘do your best.’ When the tides of IAS preparation overwhelm your child, be the rock that supports them through it.